Pre Starters

Plain Papadum£0.90

Spicy Papadum£0.90

Mint Sauce£0.90

Mixed Pickle£0.90

Mango Chutney£0.90

Onion Salad£0.90

Onion Chilli£0.90

Coconut Chutney£0.90

Chilli Pickle£0.90

Chutney Tray£4.00


Tandoori Duck£6.50

Mixed Starter£6.95

Lamb Tikka Puri£4.95

Chicken Tikka Puri£4.95

Chicken Tikka (St)£4.50

Lamb Tikka (St)£4.50

Tandoori Chicken£4.60

Chicken Chaat£4.55

Chicken Tikka Chaat£5.95

Chicken Pakora£4.60

Chicken Chatt Puri£5.75

Sheek kebab£4.95

Reshmi Kebab£4.95

Shamee Kebab£4.95

Lamb Samosa£3.90

Vegetable Samosa£3.90

Onion Bhajee£3.90

Aloo Chaat£4.25

Garlic Mushroom Puri£4.65

Prawn Cocktail£4.50

Prawn Puri£5.50

Prawn Chilli Puri£5.95

King Prawn Puri£6.95

King Prawn Chaat£6.95

King Prawn Butterfly£6.95

Tandoori Lamb Chop£6.95

Garlic Mushroom£4.50

Tandoori Specials

Tandoori Chicken Half£9.95
Spring Chicken marinated in yoghurt with delicate herbs and spices barbecued on skewers over a ?ame

Chicken Tikka (Main)£9.95
Tender Chicken pieces marinated with tikka spices and herbs cooked on skewers over a ?ame

Lamb Tikka (Main)£9.95
Tender lamb pieces marinated with tikka spices and herbs cooked on skewers over a ?ame

Chicken Shaslick£10.95
Tender Chicken pieces marinated with tikka spices cooked over a ?ame with green capsicum, onion, tomato and fresh coriander

Lamb Shaslick£10.95
Tender lamb pieces marinated with tikka spices cooked over a ?ame with green capsicum, onion, tomato and fresh coriander

Mixed Shaslick£11.95
cooked as above with Chicken and lamb Shashlick

Tandoori Duck Tikka£12.95
Duck marinated with Tikka spices, herbs. Cooked on skewers over ?ames

Tandoori Mixed Special£13.65
Our special presentation which contains Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab and Naan Bread

Tandoori Lamb Chop£12.95
Succulent lamb Chops marinated with Tikka herbs spices, cooked gently

Tandoori King Prawn£14.95
King Prawns marinated with Tikka spices cooked over a ?ame with green capsicum, onion, tomato and fresh coriander

Fish Tikka£12.45

Naga Tikka£11.45
Marinated in with herbs, Naga Chilli and Tikka sauce cooked on skewers over ?ame. Served with salad and mint sauce.

Tandoori Special Shashlick£16.95
Tender Chicken and Indian Paneer Cheese cooked over a flame with tikka spices

Chefs Specials

Chicken Tikka Zaffron£11.75
Medium spiced dish cooked with lots of garlic, mushrooms, sliced onions and fresh coriander

Lamb Tikka Zaffron£11.75
Medium spiced dish cooked with lots of garlic, mushrooms, sliced onions and fresh coriander

Tandoori Mixed Dupiaza£11.75
Prepared in medium spices cooked with chicken and lamb tikka tandoori, green peppers, onions, spinach and fresh coriander

Dil Kush£12.95
Combination of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawns cooked with homemade spices to create a medium ?avour

Bengali ChickenTikka£11.75
Chicken and potato cooked in light spices for a medium strength with a touch of homemade mango chutney to create a unique ?avour

Bengali LambTikka£11.75
Chicken and potato cooked in light spices for a medium strength with a touch of homemade mango chutney to create a unique ?avour

Special Chicken Jalfrezi£13.65
Pan cooked marinated chicken, cooked with onion, garlic and peppers in a hot sauce

Chicken Sagg£10.95
Medium moist cooked with chicken or lamb and spinach

Murgi Massala£12.45
Tandoori chicken and keema (minced lamb) cooked in medium spice with garlic, coriander and a boiled egg.

Lamb Sagg£10.95
Medium moist cooked with lamb and spinach

Bhendii Gusht£10.75

Begone Gusht£10.75
Medium moist cooked with lamb and aubergine

Gobi Gusht£10.75
Medium dish cooked with lamb and cauli?ower

Tandoori Kofta£10.95
Lamb meatballs cooked in a delicately ?avoured Bhuna sauce

Chingri Mas Special£12.95
Whole king prawns cooked in lime and green pepper, onion, potato, garlic sauce with coriander. Medium

Chicken Tikka Butter£10.95
Cooked with very creamy, rich buttery sauce

Tandoori Bhuna£10.95
Tandoori chicken cooked with fresh spices, green peppers and onions

Shashlik Bhuna with Spinach£11.95

KPR Shashlik Bhuna Sag£12.95

Lamb Tikka Butter£10.95
Cooked with very creamy, rich buttery sauce

Hot Dishes


Chilli Mossala

Chilli Inferno
Cooked with onions, peppers, herbs and spices in a moist sauce with Indian King Chilli Naga Morich

A dish infused with ?aked chilli onions, garlic and peppers, ?avoured with deicious pineapple for a hot sweet and sour taste

South Indian
Cooked with sliced garlic and green chillies with authentic herbs and spices. Very hot

Cooked in fairly hot sweet and sour sauce

Fairly hot, cooked with onion and tomato with a sweet and sour taste

Fairly hot cooked with a rich sauce

Fairly hot cooked with coconut in a rich sauce

Very hot, strongly ?avoured with spices in a rich sauce with potatoes

King Chilli

Naga Morich
very hot

Mild Dishes

VMassala dishes are cooked in a delicately flavoured sauce with cream

Cooked in a mild creamy sauce with red wine and almonds

Two layers, the bottom is cooked with herbs and spices and the top is a mild creamy sauce

Cooked with coconut and Almonds in a mild creamy Tia Maria sauce

Cooked with mango and honey,

Traditional style of Korma cooked in a rich creamy sauce

cooked in a very rich creamy sauce with mango

Where honey is used to create a wonderful sweet and delicate ?avour

Very mild and thick sauce with cream and coconut

Mild sauce cooked with pineapple

Mild to medium sauce cooked with banana

Medium Dishes

Gently cooked with chick peas and a special blend of medium hot spices

Garlic Bhuna
Garlic dishes are medium strength with fresh garlic, ginger and coriander

Cooked with sylheti citrus fruits & spices with a wonderful aroma

Korai dishes are cooked with green peppers, garlic onion & tomato

Medium strength, highly ?avoured and cooked with a mixture of fried spices in a yoghurt sauce

Cooked with onions, garlic, coriander, cumin, bayleaf and spices in a medium sauce

Cooked in medium sauce

Medium moist curry cooked with green peppers and onion

Sag Walla
Medium moist curry, cooked with spinach and cheese

Medium moist curry, cooked with fresh spices, onion, green peppers and coriander

Medium moist base garnished with onion, tomato


Balti Specialities
All balti dishes are cooked with ginger, garlic coriander and capsicum. Spicy and tantalising to the tongue. Nan or Pilau rice included.

Chicken Balti_Original£10.75

Lamb Balti_Original£10.75

Duck Balti_Original£12.25

King Prawn Balti_Original£14.25

Chicken Balti Chilli_Massala£11.75

Lamb Tikka Balti_Original£11.75

Chicken Tikka Balti_Original£10.75

King Prawn Tikka Balti_Original£14.25

Chicken Tikka Balti Tikka_Massala£10.75

Lamb Tikka Balti Tikka_Massala£10.75

Vegetable Balti_Original£8.95

King Prawn Tikka_Balti£12.00

Chicken Tikka Balti Chilli_Massala£11.75

King Prawn Balti_Aloo£14.25

Lamb Tikka Balti Chilli_Massala£11.75

Vegetable Balti Chilli_Massala£8.95

Chicken Tikka Balti_Aloo£11.75

King Prawn Tikka Balti Tikka_Massala£14.25

Chicken Balti Tikka_Massala£10.75

Duck Balti Tikka_Massala£11.25

Chicken Balti_Aloo£10.75

King Prawn Balti Chilli_Massala£12.25

King Prawn Balti Tikka_Massala£12.25

Lamb Balti Tikka_Massala£10.75

Lamb Balti_Aloo£10.75

Lamb Balti Chilli_Massala£9.75

Lamb Tikka Balti_Aloo£11.75

King Prawn Tikka Balti_Aloo£15.25

King Prawn Tikka Balti Chilli_Massala£14.25

Vegetable Balti_Aloo£8.95

Lamb Tikka Balti_Dansak£10.75

Vegetable Balti Tikka_Massala£8.95

Duck Balti_Aloo£12.25

Vegetable Balti_Kabli£8.95

King Prawn Balti_Kabli£14.25

Duck Balti_Kabli£12.25

Chicken Balti_Kabli£10.75

Chicken Tikka Balti_Kabli£11.75

Lamb Tikka Balti_Kabli£11.75

Chicken Balti_Garlic£10.75

King Prawn Tikka Balti_Kabli£14.25

Duck Balti_Garlic£12.25

Lamb Balti_Kabli£10.75

King Prawn Balti_Garlic£14.25

Chicken Tikka Balti_Korai£10.75

Lamb Balti_Garlic£10.75

King Prawn Tikka Balti_Garlic£14.25

Lamb Tikka Balti_Garlic£11.75

Chicken Tikka Balti_Garlic£11.75

Chicken Balti_Korai£10.75

Vegetable Balti_Garlic£8.95

Duck Balti_Korai£12.25

King Prawn Balti_Korai£14.25

Lamb Balti_Korai£10.75

Vegetable Balti_Korai£8.95

King Prawn Tikka Balti_Korai£14.25

Duck Balti_Dansak£11.25

Lamb Tikka Balti_Korai£11.75

Lamb Balti_Dansak£10.75

King Prawn Balti_Dansak£14.25

Vegetable Balti_Dansak£8.95

King Prawn Tikka Balti_Dansak£14.25

Chicken Tikka Balti_Dansak£11.75

Chicken Balti_Dansak£10.75

Chicken Tikka Balti_Jalfrezi£11.75

Lamb Tikka Balti_Jalfrezi£11.75

King Prawn Tikka Balti_Jalfrezi£14.25

Duck Balti_Jalfrezi£12.25

Chicken Balti_Jalfrezi£10.75

Chicken Tikka Balti_Pathia£11.75

Vegetable Balti_Jalfrezi£8.95

Chicken Balti_Pathia£10.75

Duck Balti Chilli_Massala£12.25

King Prawn Balti_Jalfrezi£14.25

Duck Balti_Pathia£12.25

Lamb Balti_Jalfrezi£10.75

King Prawn Balti_Pathia£14.25

Lamb Balti_Pathia£10.75

Lamb Tikka Balti_Pathia£11.75

King Prawn Tikka Balti_Pathia£14.25

Vegetable Balti_Pathia£8.95

Chicken Tikka_Balti£10.75

Duck Tikka_Balti£12.25

Lamb Tikka_Balti£11.75

King Prawn Tikka_Balti£14.25

Biriani Specialities
Biriani dishes are cooked with rices, lightly spiced with a vegetable curry

Chicken Biriani£10.95

Lamb Biriani£10.95

Chicken Tikka Biriani£11.95

Lamb Tikka Biriani£11.95

Prawn Biriani£10.95

King Prawn Biriani£13.35

Vegetable Biriani£9.95

Tandoori Chicken Biriani£12.45

Tandoori Mixed Biriani£13.65

King Prawn Tikka Biriani£14.35

Duck Biriani£13.95

Titash Special Biriani£13.95

Chi and Lamb with L Pickle Biriani£12.95

Mushroom Biriani£9.95

Titash Specialities

Packed with flavour using garlic, onion and dried Kashmiri chillis for a truly wonderful hot sauce to thrill your adventuorous tastebuds

Medium flavoured almond sauce dish with fresh green chilli and yoghurt.

Divenely made in a wonderful coriander, mint and chilli sauce

A beautiful balance of onions, peppers, coriander, lemon zest, lemon grass and green chilli

Green Curry
Tender strips of fillet cooked in coriander and peppers and green chilli paste (fairly hot)

English Dishes
All dishes are served with tomato, peas and chips

Plain Omlette£8.95

Mushroom Omelette£9.25

Chicken Omelette£9.75

Prawn Omelette£9.95

Chicken Nuggets & Chips£9.95

Vegetable Side Dishes

Onion Bhajee£3.90

Vegetable Bhajee£3.95

Bombay Potatoes£3.95

Bhendi Bhajee£3.95

Tarka Dhal£3.95

Dhal Samba£3.95

Sag Ponir£3.95

Mushroom Aloo Bhajee£3.95

Creamed Mushroom£3.95

Creamed Potato£3.95

Saag Aloo£3.95

Chana Poiner£3.95

Vegetable Curry£3.95

Saag Bhajee£3.95

Aloo Govi£3.95

Cauliflower Bhajee£3.95

Mushroom Bhajee£3.95

Bringal Bahjee£3.95

Sag and Cauli Bhajee£3.95

Chana Massala£3.95

Bombay Poiner£3.95

Motor Poiner£3.95

Korma Sauce£3.95

Massala Sauce£3.95

Curry Sauce£3.95

Madras Sauce£3.95

Vindaloo Sauce£3.95

Dansak Sauce£3.95



Pilau Rice£3.45

Egg Rice£3.95

Special Rice£3.95

Vegetable Rice£3.95

Onion Rice£3.95

Mushroom  Rice£3.95

Coconut Rice£4.50

Lemon Rice£3.95

Garlic Rice£4.50

Chilli Rice£4.50

Keema  Rice£4.50



Kulcha Naan£3.95

Pashwari Naan£3.95

Garlic Naan£3.95

Stuffed Naan£3.95

Cheese Naan£3.95

Chilli Naan£3.95

Keema Naan£3.95

Keema and Garlic Naan£3.95

Keema and Chilli Naan£3.95




Stuffed Paratha£3.95


Dohi Yoghurt£2.50

Onion Raitha£2.50

Cucumber Raitha£2.50


Garlic and Coriander Naan£3.95

Garlic and Chilli Naan£3.95

Cheese & Onion Naan£3.95

Cheese & Garlic Naan£3.95

Chicken Tikka Wrap£7.95

Lamb Tikka Wrap£7.95

Set Meals

Set Meal for Two Persons£36.95
2x Poppadoms, 1x Tandoori Chicken, 1x Shamee Kebab, 1x Chicken Tikka Korai, 1x Chicken Kushboo, 1x Pilau Rice, 1x Mushroom Fried Rice, 1x Mushroom Aloo and 1x Naan

Set Meal for Four Persons£75.95
4x Poppadoms, 4x Mixed Starters, 1x Chicken Tikka Balti, 1x Tandoori Massala Bhuna, 1x Aloo Gaust, 1x Chicken Tikka Massala, 1x Sag Ponir, 1x Mushroom Aloo, 2x Mushroom Pilau Rice, 1x Egg Rice, 1x Peshwari Naan and 1x Keema Naan


Sparkling Large Bottle£4.95

J20 A and M£3.95

J20 O and P£3.95

J20 A and R£3.95

Large Bt Coke£3.00

Large Bt Diet Coke£3.00

Large Bt Lemonade£3.00

Beers and Ciders

Kingfisher Large Bottle£6.50

Bangla 660ml Bottle£6.50

Cobra Non Alcoholic£4.50

Cobra Large Bottle£6.50


White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc Bottle£24.95

Pinot Grigio Bottle£28.95

Sauvignon Blanc Aroha Bay£31.95

Chardonnay Bottle£29.95

Chablis Domaine£43.95

Red Wines

Merlot Bottle£24.95

Cabernet SauvignonBottle£24.95

Malbec Bottle£28.95

Chateauneuf de Pape£43.95

Shiraz Bottle£29.95

Rose Champagne & Sparkling

Mateus Rose Bottle£24.95

Pinot Grigio Rose Bottle£28.95

Prosecco Brut Bottle£32.95




Orange Surprise£4.95

Lemon Surprise£4.95

Strawberry Flute£5.95

Flute Hazel£5.95

Heaven in Jar£5.95


Coconut Supreme£5.95

Salted Champagne£5.95


Mango Kulfi£3.95

Pistachio Kulfi£3.95

Cookies and Cream£5.95

Kiddie Surprise£3.95

Ferrero Rocher£5.95

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